270 ratings and 128 comments received in the last 90 days.

07 June 2024

They didn't make the pick up experience exciting at all.

05 June 2024

Well looked after by Sam Lewis

04 June 2024

Flawless and great communication from the team. First class service from Sam, Paul and Harry.

29 May 2024

Very pleased with the service, as always

20 May 2024

Clear and quick communication.

18 May 2024

good staff

08 May 2024

Sam was excellent and kept me informed throughout the process. Car came in early. So no complaints

06 May 2024

Poor communication I had to chase a lot which I don't think I should have to do.

03 May 2024

Excellent service Sam Lewis was very efficient

28 April 2024

Freindly efficient flexible keen to find a good solution

14 June 2024

Lauren was very helpful and efficient

13 June 2024

Service completed on time and car washed as requested. Darnell provided timely updates as needed.

13 June 2024

nothing negative

13 June 2024

Again excellent service

12 June 2024

Could not be more satisfied, especially after receiving a video of the healthy condition of my car whilst being serviced

12 June 2024

Done what recall service needed to be done.

12 June 2024

Courteous service from the front desk, the mechanic & service manager

11 June 2024

Nice to have the car cleaned inside and out.

10 June 2024

Superb customer service backed up with first class automated system.

10 June 2024

Was getting no reply from emails and decided to pop into the shop floor to discuss. Was told the used car manager was busy even though I could see he was sitting chatting to colleagues. Emailed & had to chase multiple times to get resolved

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